Looking for a great Minecraft server to play on?

Come to the CraftCraftMc server for PVP, Survival, Economy and No Greifing!
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Server Address: *CLOSED*
The server has now been shut down due to myself (owner) wanting to move on in life. It has been a very fun adventure for myself. The 2 years the server has been up made my life complete, this has taught me skills I would've never learned. I know most of you guys are probably pissed off at me but that was never my intentions. Even if you guys don't feel friended by me anymore I'll always love all you and you will always have a big place in my heart. I'm sorry for putting you all through this but as I'm getting older I need to do bigger and better things in life and since entering high school I've now gotten way more work. If you'd like to find me feel free to add me on steam and just comment in my profile or add me on skype CraftCraftMc. Thank you all and live a prosperous life.